Essential Skin Care Products by Lou Ann Di Stefano of Never Hair Again

Ever been to a convenience store and just stared at the aisle of skin care products available? There are a lot of shiny bottles making huge promises like “wrinkle removing cream” or “take 10 years off instantly.” Most of us know that these type of marketing statements really aren’t true – so what makes us buy these $50+ bottles of products? There is a lure that these products hold – if they have guarantees like that broadcasted on the front, they must have some special and wonderful component contained within their mixture.

Essential Skin Care ProductsI encourage you, next time you find yourself in this situation – turn the bottles around and read the ingredients. You will find that most companies put a lot of time and effort into re-packaging and re-marketing the same basic skin-care ingredients – at huge markups of course.

So, in order to help take out the “marketing fluff” and give my customers the products they need, without the enormous markups, I have developed a special, essential product line specifically for skin care.

The bottom line: you do not need to pay exorbitant prices for natural skin care products.

My Essential Skin Care Products line:

12% Glycolic Cleanser
The main component of this cleanser, glycolic acid, is commonly used by dermatologists in chemical peels. Glycolic acid has also been well-documented to reduce acne, reduce and remove small scars, fix hyper pigmentation (brown spots or uneven skin tone), and reduce wrinkles.Read more about Glycolic Acid here.

Tend Skin
Tend Skin is designed to help with in-grown hairs, as well as aggressively clean your skin. After you’ve tried a store-brand cleaner, tend skin will still remove dirt. Its main ingredient is salicylic acid, which is medically known to unclog pores, then prevent the pores from re-clogging. This is what a lot of my clients call the “miracle stuff.” Honestly, it’s like taking home your own mini-peel.

Never Hair Again Moisturizer Mask
We all know that moisturizing is an essential element of skin care -especially in Colorado, where the air is so dry. My moisturizer mask is designed to help you re-hydrate your skin with natural ingredients and the essential elements of good skin care. This contains hyaluronic acid, which is an essential element of re-hydrating your skin.

Anti-Oxidant Vitamin Moisturizer
This moisturizer contains anti-oxidants, beta glucan, MSM and other essential active ingredients for the skin. It also contains a lot of essential oils to help maintain well-hydrated facial skin.

Vitamin C Serum
This serum is designed to be a part of your morning skin care routine to help “wake-up” your skin. Vitamin C, a powerful anti-oxidant, has been proven to stimulate the creation of your natural collagen, as well as minimize fine lines, scars and wrinkles. Read more about Vitamin C here. This serum also contains caffeine, which is a well-known skin firming agent.

Vitamin A Serum
I designed the Vitamin A Serum for your evening skin care schedule. Facial skin typically responds very well to Vitamin A, as it feeds the skin essential active ingredients, and its molecular structure helps it penetrate to your lower layers of facial skin. Vitamin A has been proven to improve skin pigmentation, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and improve skin’s hydration levels. Read more about Vitamin A here. In addition to Vitamin A, this serum also contains glycolic acid, which I talk about in-depth above under “12% glycolic cleanser.”

Merz’s 14% Aqua glycolic facial moisturizer
This moisturizer is wonderful for both hydrating your skin, as well as actively working on the layers of your skin. The glycolic acid is an essential active ingredient that helps exfoliate your skin. This product has a ton of active ingredients that helps clean, hydrate and revitalize your facial skin.

If you are interested in purchasing any of my essential skin care products, or have any other questions about skin care ingredients, please give me a call at 303-400-5110 or 303-868-8287. You can also email me at